TecIdentify - Authenticity Check

Authenticate MAPP codes with TecIdentify

You can insert up to 30 MAPP codes in the query field. Please enter each code in a separate line. If you manually enter the MAPP code in the human readable format note that the brackets must also be typed and the query is case sensitive.

Please enter the security code shown. To authenticate MAPP codes without this additional security check please Register or Login.

Manual entry via keyboard

Please left-click in the query field above and enter the MAPP code without spaces or breaks. Please note that the brackets must also be typed and that the query is case sensitive.
Example human readable format: (01)14399901959689(21)222TecIdentify222

Authentication via mobile phone

To check MAPP codes with your mobile phone you can use the free TecIdentify app (available in English and Chinese for Android and iOS for iOS and Android) or the free NeoReader app (available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish for almost all devices). Simply search for TecIdentify or NeoReader in your phone's app store and download it or go to

Authentication via scanner

You can also authenticate MAPP codes with any scanner that is able to read 2D Data Matrix codes. Plug in the scanner to your PC and scan the code. The MAPP code is then entered automatically in the query field.

Example MAPP code:

The following manufacturers mark their products* with the MAPP Code

* Some of the manufacturers mark their entire portfolio with the MAPP code, others only selected product lines.


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